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Gateway Business Guild Chamber events and programs are created from concept through execution by our committees and their respective members. You must be a member of GBG to join a committee, if you are currently a member and do NOT serve on a committee, we urge you to do so! It's a great way to stay in touch with your LGBTQ professional network, and can provide you a quality return on your yearly membership investment. The more time spent working and forming relationships within your committee the better value you will see for your business in the long run. If you aren't a member but are curious to see what committees we currently have please see below! Be sure to reach out to us if you are interspersed in serving on a specific committee or have a new committee to propose to leadership! 

Executive Committee

The Board may establish an Executive Committee.  Between meetings of the Board or at the call of the Board, the Executive Committee may conduct the day-to-day affairs of the Corporation and other duties specified by the Board.  The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and any other Directors as may be appointed by the Board.  Only Directors are qualified to serve on the Executive Committee.

Membership Committee 


  • Continue to expand and assess the ROI of all membership 
  • Continue and encourage current successful recruitment efforts 
  • Create programs and events that will attract new members
  • Follow up with current membership to get feedback on ROI 
To ensure the health and sustainability of Gateway Business Guild, the membership committee works to achieve membership growth and retention, as well as create value for each member. 

Events Committee 


  • Work with the membership committee to develop monthly, quarterly and yearly events on behalf of GBG 
  • Gain location sponsors for all events 
  • Create valuable networking events for the GBG members 
  • Create and put on exclusive GBG members only events.
  • Manage the GBG calendar of events 
Create events that will help provide value to the GBG membership through advocacy, networking and relationship building. 

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